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People who have only ever lived in a condo in Ontario might have an outdated idea of what it's like to live in Texas. Finding out they're being transferred there might conjure images of dusty plains and men in cowboy hats riding around on horseback. Though these elements are still present in Texas culture, living in Texas comes with as many modern amenities as living in any other city. Read on to learn more about what a move to Texas might mean.

In terms of the cost of living, Texas on average, is on the lower middle end of the pricing spectrum. The average household income is about $2,000 below the national average, sitting at about $39,900. Housing units in Texas are worth about $82,500 on average while the asking price is around $69,000, well below the national averages of $119,600 and $89,600 respectively, so selling your commercial property for your family home can leave you in good stead to buy property.

There are several large cities and many small and medium cities and towns in Texas. Which one you choose will depend on what skills you have to offer an employer and the kind of lifestyle you wish to lead. For example, if you loved your new homes in Vaughan but want to settle quietly on a farm, the rolling plains of the central lowlands might appeal to you. Whereas if you were an art lover looking for a young, vibrant city life, you might choose to settle in a condo in the state capital: Austin.

Though farming and cattle and sheep ranching still make up an important part of the economy of Texas, there are many other large industries in which you can find work if you have the right skills. Petrochemicals is a big industry now, as is technology, aerospace, and biomedical science. If you have skills as a Windows expert, you can also set up a successful business in one of the bigger Texas cities, where the real estate trade has already recovered from the 2008 setbacks.

If you want to integrate into Texas culture, it helps if you're interested in the same things that many Texans like. They're proud of their cowboy heritage and enjoy a cuisine that's a fusion of North American and Mexican known as Tex Mex. They love their state fairs and country music festivals and welcome many Oshawa real estate agents who come down to visit art museums and watch football games.

If you are relocating from Ontario to Texas, be sure to ask your (current) local agents for a referral of a knowledgeable and experienced Texas real estate agent.

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