If you've been looking at your home thinking that it could use some splash or pizzazz in the kitchen or bathroom then have we got a suggestion for you! Backsplashes! Backsplash tiles such as natural stone or mosaic glass backsplash can add a little extra oomph that your property is missing.

Even though it might only be a small tweak to the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen a backsplash could be what saves your bathroom or kitchen's design. Backsplashes can tie everything together in the bathroom or kitchen of your property and for that reason alone we would recommend installing backsplashes in either room. Not to mention the added function bonus of protecting your walls from grimy soap in the bathroom or spaghetti stains in your kitchen that also come with installing a backsplash.

When choosing a backsplash motif for your bathroom or kitchen a few options you have to choose from include: solid glass, mirrored, extended, paneled, tin, wood, relief, double duty and decorative metal. The type of backsplash you end up going with all depends on how you want your bathroom or kitchen to look plus the features that specific backsplashes comes with.

For instance, a double duty backsplash that looks like oversized fish scales not only provide a cute look but can also pull double duty of being used as planting pots or utensil/soap holders. Sometimes there's just not enough counter space and being able to use your wall's backsplashes as an alternative shelving unit is not only smart but economical as well!

If you're all about style and look you can't go wrong with wood backsplashes. There's just something sleek about wood backsplashes and if you have hardwood floors wood backsplashes will complement the hardwood floors. Plus, wood backsplashes hide dirt and fingerprints very well! If not only look but space is key for you then the mirrored backsplash is the way to go. Much like you can expect with beautiful custom jewellery design in Ottawa ordered from Davidson's Jewellers, mirrored backsplashes you'll be giving your bathroom or kitchen a striking look that also makes it seem like there's more room in your home than there actually is.

When it comes to settling on bathroom or kitchen backsplashes for your home, you will have a difficult decision to make once you've stepped foot inside of a tile store so you might want to get the opinion of an interior designer to help you with your decision.

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